Manual Integrated Welding System
Suspension rail system
ST series material suspension conveying system is composed of slide tracks with different cross-sectional specifications.
Spring balancer
RW series spring balancer is an auxiliary tool designed and manufactured by our company and used in connection with operation tools.
Primary cable, water and air hose
The primary cables are the flexible quality power cables, which can be moved and bent readily, with the characteristics of cold-resistant, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, etc. The gas and water pipes are high-pressure hose, which are pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, flexible, easy to operate, etc., and also exhibit good resistance against oil, cold as well as acidity.
Suspension integrated welding gun controller
The control system of the integrated welding gun controller is controlled by a microprocessor in a closed-loop, which ensures the constant welding current within the allowable variation range of grid voltage and welding load. Intelligent welding programming system has the function of error self-inspection, with abnormal cases immediately displayed on the LCD screen. It is provided with two ways of welding control such as power/medium frequency, on the basis of the welding requirement of different series. Various types of development have been made in order to comply with different working condition.
Water, electricity, gas pipeline package
The pipeline package consists of water, gas hose, power cable and control cable, applicable to connect the integrated welding gun and controller. Moreover, an optional relay connector can be provided in the middle of pipeline package for the purpose of easy dismantle and replacement.
Suspension integrated welding gun
The integrated suspension spot welding gun is made by the assembling process, where the transformer and the gun arm are integrated and fixed on the rotating disc. The inner ring and the outer ring of the rotating disc are connected by a bearing structure, which has the characteristics of flexibility and stability. The welding gun can rotate by 360 degrees through the rotating disc, and the rotating disc is provided with a locking mechanism which can be locked at any angle, thus effectively meeting some specific welding postures. After the welding is completed with specific postures, the welding gun can rotate normally once unlocked. Integrated welding gun two types of transformers - the medium frequency and power frequency transformers are available, which can be used in combination as per the welding requirements.

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