Intermediate frequency DC controller (SMF2-600H)

Three AC power sources are input to theintermediate frequency DC welding controller. The controller inverts the powerfrequency current through the rectifier filter inverter to output a more stablesquare wave current. Therefore, the welding process is easier to control, thewelding speed is faster, and the output current in the welding process is morestable. It can be used to weld aluminum, galvanized sheet, high tension steel,stainless steel, magnesium alloy and other materials with good welding effect.

Product Features

1. Frequencyconversion output power frequency: 25Hz~400.Hz programmable;

2. Programmable with up to 64 sets of welding specifications;

3. Three-stage heating process: preheating, welding and tempering. For thewelding stage, the increment and decrement stages can be defined by oneself;

4. Pressure control can be programmed, which can define up to 10 pressuresections;

5. I/0 port output can be programmed: programmable with 3-section output tobetter adapt to PLC, robots, etc.

6. Welding spots counting;

7. Can be customized according to customer requirements for a variety offunctions;

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