Power frequency AC controller (KD32-NX1)

1. The controllerhas a structure of upgrading “one-to-one control” to “one-to-two control”. Eachpair of welding guns has 2 welding specifications. All pneumatic componentshave structures easy to disassemble and assemble, thus facilitating repair and replacement.

2. The output voltage of the controller is DC24V.

3. The welding process is controlled by a microprocessor in closed-loop, whichensures the constant welding current within the allowable variation range ofgrid voltage and welding load.

4. It has the functions of currents step increase control and current linear increasecontrol, to compensate in steps and linearly the change of welding currentdensity.

5. Three heat, multi-pulse welding control, especially suitable for plank,cladding plank welding.

6. Intelligent welding programming system

7. It has the function of error self-inspection, with various abnormal casesimmediately displayed on the LCD screen.

8. It has the function of power-off data storage, to keep the data for up toten years of power-off.

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