Automatic Welding Gun Welding System
Automatic welding gun controller
The control system is controlled by a microprocessor in closed-loop, which ensures the constant welding current within the allowable variation range of grid voltage and welding load. Intelligent welding programming system has the function of error self-inspection, with various abnormal cases immediately displayed on the LCD screen. It is provided with two ways of welding control such as power/medium frequency, on the basis of the welding requirement of different series.
Horizontal type transformer
The transformer is made of high-quality silicon steel sheets with an integrated punch forming process. The silicon steel sheets are formed into groups by sheets and are interspersed with laminated structures. The hollow water-cooled structure is used for the secondary coil, and the whole machine is formed in one step by epoxy resin vacuum casting process. The horizontal type transformer has the advantages of low loss, low noise and low temperature rise, and can be used as a special transformer for automatic welding gun. For the secondary coil, the copper plate structure is used, with reserved mounting holes, which can be used to connect special copper bars and cables.
Copper bar components
Copper bar is made of red copper material with excellent conductivity, which is used for transitional connection between the welding gun and transformer to conduct electricity. It is generally used in puppet welding system and automatic welding system.
Air cooled cable:
Air cooled cables are used under the condition of low welding frequency. Instead of water cooling, it is cooled naturally by air without water cooling. These cables are available with many types of sections and joints with good flexibility, and optional length. They are widely used in automobile body welding production lines such as automatic welding guns and welding jigs.
Automatic welding gun
The welding gun is installed at specific positions of jigs and fixtures. Proximity switch, magnetic switch or stroke switch are used in combination with PLC control cabinet to provide automatic welding, which solves the problem that man or robot cannot access to perform the welding. An adjustable device is designed for the opening position of the welding gun, which can be adjusted slightly according to different requirements to meet the requirements of different working conditions. The welding gun is simple in design, light in weight, easy to install, use and maintain with modular design, and is highly standardized.
PLC control cabinet
PLC control cabinet is digital electronic equipment with microprocessor, used for automatic control of the digital logic controller. It can load control instructions into memory for storage and execution at any time. The programmable controller is composed of internal CPU, instruction and data memory, input and output unit, power module, digital analog unit, etc. It is widely used in the current industrial control field.

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