Power frequency AC controller (KD32G-I)

1. The welding process is controlled by a microprocessor in closed-loop, whichensures the constant welding current within the allowable variation range ofgrid voltage and welding load.

2. It has two control functions: constant current and constant voltage.

3. It has the functions of current step increase control, to compensate thechange of welding current density.

4. It supports 32 sets of welding specifications.

5. It can control two pressurized electromagnetic gas valves (double weldingguns).

Two independent welding specifications can be set for each welding gun, and 8specification groups can be switched through three switch combinations.

6. It has single spot welding and continuous stitch welding functions.

7. It can carry out triple-pulse welding control, especially suitable for thickplate welding.

8. It has the function of electrode grinding control.

9. It has the function of error self-inspection.

10. It has the function of power-off data storage, to keep the data for up toten years of power-off.

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