Series 5 X-type integrated welding gun

The Series 5 integrated suspension spot weldingguns all have a fully enclosed protective structure design at the tail, withlarge cylinder pressure output and moderate volume of the machine. Furthermore,two types of transformers – the medium frequency and power frequencytransformers are available, which can be used in combination as per the weldingrequirements. With full consideration to the compatibility, the transformerswith C-type and X-type welding gun structures are interchangeable, which lowersthe customer's inventory pressure and reduce the use cost.

The integrated suspension spot welding gun ismade by the assembling process, where the transformer and the gun arm areintegrated and fixed on the rotating disc. The inner ring and the outer ring ofthe rotating disc are connected by a steel ball structure, which has thecharacteristics of flexible rotation and no clamping stagnation. The weldinggun can rotate by 360 degrees through the rotating disc, and the rotating discis provided with a locking mechanism which can be locked at any angle, thuseffectively meeting some specific welding postures. After the welding iscompleted with specific postures, the welding gun can rotate normally onceunlocked.
The body of welding gun is made with hard diecasting process, and has compact structure, high density, high strength and fewdefects such as sand holes and air holes.

Solenoid valves and other outsourced parts arewell-known foreign brands with stable performance and long service life.

The cable at the tail of the welding gun isfixed by a wire harness frame, which can effectively prevent the cable fromfriction damage when the welding gun twist.

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