Puppet Welding Gun Welding System
Suspension rail system
ST series material suspension conveying system is composed of slide tracks with different cross-sectional specifications.
Primary cable and gas and water pipes
The primary cables are the flexible quality power cables, which can be moved and bent readily, with the characteristics of cold-resistant, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, etc. The gas and water pipes are high-pressure hose, which are pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, flexible, easy to operate, etc., and also exhibit good resistance against oil, cold as well as acidity.
Welding controller
The controller in the welding system, which is used to adjust the welding current parameters, specifications and other information to achieve the optimal welding effect, is an essential part of the welding system.
Inductive/noninductive water cooled cable
Water cables include inductive and noninductive water cooled cables, where the noninductive water cooled cable is made of coaxial two-stage design structure, which provides small pressure impedance, low depletion and no vibration in the process of welding, with the features of good stability and long service life, etc. The inductive water cooled cable is made of monoaxial single-stage design structure, which provides small bending radius, small deflection resistance. It is mounted at the tail of the welding gun, which increases the operability of the welding gun, and reduces the intensity of labor. It usually is short in length, with low cost of maintenance.
Puppet welding gun
The welding gun is installed at specific positions of jigs and fixtures. which solves the problem that man or robot cannot access to perform the welding. An adjustable device is designed for the opening position of the welding gun, which can be adjusted slightly according to different requirements to meet the requirements of different working conditions. The welding gun is simple in design, light in weight, easy to install, use and maintain with modular design, and is highly standardized.
Air cooled cable
Air cooled cables are used under the condition of low welding frequency. Instead of water cooling, it is cooled naturally by air without water cooling. These cables are available with many types of sections and joints with good flexibility, and optional length. They are widely used in automobile body welding production lines such as automatic welding guns and welding jigs.
Copper bar components
Copper bar is made of red copper material with excellent conductivity, which is used for transitional connection between the welding gun and transformer to conduct electricity. It is generally used in puppet welding system and automatic welding system.
Copper bar welding gun
The welding gun is used to weld puppet welding copper bars, which mean that the welding gun is used at specific positions of the copper bars for welding, and then the current is conducted to the end of the welding gun by the copper bar for the purpose of spot welding.

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