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On the occasion of the lunching of the website of Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., on behalf of Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff that care about and support the construction of the website, and extend a warm welcome to all the netizens who visit the website!

No matter you are an old friend or a new friend to us, we sincerely welcome any valuable suggestion from you, so that we can perfect our future work, and provide better services to you and extensive consumer. Your suggestions, opinions or criticisms are all in support of our work. We will certainly be glad that you are satisfied with our work. We sincerely hope that our website will build a bridge for you and me to communicate, and we are waiting for your visit at any time! With its development and expansion, as well as the increasing importance of information exchange。

Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. needs to display its elegant demeanor from multiple perspectives and in all directions. Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. launched the website for the purpose of making everyone have a better understanding of the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, innovative ideas, service objectives and the updates in company development. With the lunching of the website of Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., we will have a publicity platform to show the reform and development of the Company. With the purpose of actively promoting the company’s development and external services, the website have set up columns such as About Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., Product Center, Marketing and Franchising, Human Resources, Service Support, Customer Message, Contact Us, etc., to bring about our main theme, and highlight the participation and effectiveness. The lunching of the website marks a new milestone in the network information development of the Company.

We are fully aware that the ultimate pursuit of a company is to be responsible to the society and customers. Therefore, we must become a company not only with outstanding performance but also responsible to the society. Customers’ voices will be heard more on the company’s website by creating a new service information platform, and building a bridge of “communication between you and me, interaction and win-win”.

We firmly believe that tomorrow will be better! We have sufficient confidence and reason to look forward to a better future with you! Finally, wish everything goes well with your work!

Anhui Riji Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

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