C-type puppet welding gun

Puppet welding gun is simple in design, light in weight,easy to install, use and maintain, adopt modular design, and are highlystandardized.

The welding gun is installed at specific positions of jigs and fixtures. whichsolves the problem that man or robot cannot access to perform the welding.However, the puppet welding gun is smaller in shape, which solves the problemthat man or robot cannot access to perform welding.

The welding gun arm is made by sand casting process and can be designedaccording to the requirements of working conditions to meet all kinds ofworking conditions.

The cylinder of the welding gun is made of aluminum alloy profiles, which havea tighter structure. The intensity is higher and the level of surface finish isbetter compared with the traditional casting cylinder, therefore reducing thefrictional resistance, enhancing the pressure output efficiency, and extendingthe service life.

An adjustable device is designed for the opening position of the welding gun,which can be adjusted slightly according to different requirements to meet therequirements of different working conditions.

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