One way C-type split welding gun

The casting rawmaterials of gun arm are processed by the medium-frequency furnace, thusresulting in more evenly smelted raw materials, more compacted crystal ,controlled temperature of metal solutions and thermostat smelt. The movement ofthe solution is increased during casting, with good exhaust effect, whichincreases the strength and service life of the gun arms.

The part ofelectrodes is processed by cold bending process, and the strength of rawmaterials is reserved after deformation.

The cylinder ofthe welding gun is made of aluminum alloy profiles, which have a tighterstructure. The intensity is higher and the level of surface finish is bettercompared with the traditional casting cylinder, therefore reducing thefrictional resistance, enhancing the pressure output efficiency, extending theservice life and improving the abrasive resistance of gasket effectively.Additionally, the piston rod surface of welding gun is processed by hardchrome-plated, resulting in good intensity, higher level of surface finish, andimproved service life of the piston rod and gasket.

All spare partsof welding gun have been standardized, shortening the design and productioncycle.

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