Intermediate frequency resistance welding controller(SMF2-600R)

1. Welding method: constant current,constant voltage and self-adaptation;

2. Constant Phase Angle (PHA); constant current (KSR) control mode;

3. Power-off protection function: no data loss for 10 years of power-off

4. It is Ethernet compatible, and can monitor the controller via the networkand keep related data records;

5. Communication methods: EIP, Devicenet, Profinet, Profibus, CC-Link, DI0;

6. Production counting function: record and remind whether all welding spots ofeach workpiece have been welded, and record the number of pieces completed ineach shift;

7. The controller is composed of a power part and a control part;

8. It has a three-stage heating process: preheating, welding and tempering,among which, the increment and decrement segments for the welding stage can becustomized;

9. Each heating process can be set separately, either in PHA, KSR or KUR mode;

10. It supports single point/continuous welding;

11. It supports normal and pulse starting;

12. It has the function of monitoring welding current.

13. It has the function of current increment, and can automatically compensatethe effect of wear of the electrode on the welding current. The function ofcurrent increment is composed of linear increment and step increment;

14. It has the function of electrode grinding control

15. It has the function of fault protection and alarm display;

16. It has the function of power-off protection, which ensures no data loss for10 years of power-off;

17. It has the function of alarm record storage;

18. It can be programmed with up to 256 sets of specifications;

19. It has the function of overheating protection of power components;

20. The air switch has the function of overload protection and leakagedetection.

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