X-type servo if robot welding gun

With its stable and reliable action aswell as high repeatability precision, the intermediate frequency servo robotwelding gun can improve the welding quality, ensure the stable welding quality,greatly shorten the work cycle, and also improve the labor productivity. It canreplace the heavy manual work and ensure high quality of the product. Itproduces low noise and is also environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Compared with the traditional compressed air drive, it is provided with thecombination of servo motor and electric cylinder as its drive device, which ismore energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and may provide more stablepower. The stroke as well as the welding pressure can also be adjusted as required.

The transformer adopts the intermediatefrequency inverter DC technology, and is cooled by the water cooling method. Itis equipped with three temperature control switches to detect the primary coil,secondary coil and diode respectively. Compared with the power frequencytransformer, the transformer is lighter in weight, smaller in size, higher incurrent, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and more stable inperformance.

The main body of the welding gun is madeof high-strength aluminum plate, which is light in weight, good in strength andexcellent in conductivity.

The welding gun is light in weight andstable in structure, and the 4-way cooling water used in its waterway hassuperior cooling effect. When robots of the same specifications are used, suchwelding gun can be made larger in size to better meet the welding needs.

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