Power frequency resistance welding controller(KD36-90N)

1.The welding process is controlled by a microprocessor inclosed-loop, which ensures the constant welding current within the allowablevariation range of grid voltage and welding load.
2. It has two control functions: constant current and constant voltage.

3. It supports 32 sets of welding specifications.

4. It has single spot welding and continuous stitch welding functions.

5. It can carry out triple-pulse welding control, especially suitable for thickplate welding.

6.Electrode grinding control function, proportional valve controlfunction.
7. It has the function of error self-inspection, with various abnormal casesimmediately displayed on the programmer LCD screen;

8. It has the function of power-off data storage, to keep the datafor up to ten years of power-off.

9. Air switch with overload protection and leakage detection function

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