Horizontal type transformer

The transformer is made of high-quality siliconsteel sheets with an integrated punch forming process. The silicon steel sheetsare formed into groups by sheets and are interspersed with laminatedstructures. The hollow water-cooled structure is used for the secondary coil,and the whole machine is formed in one step by epoxy resin vacuum castingprocess. The horizontal type transformer has the advantages of low loss, lownoise and low temperature rise, and can be used as a special transformer forautomatic welding gun. For the secondary coil, the copper plate structure isused, with reserved mounting holes, which can be used to connect special copperbars and cables.

The transformer has large rated capacity and largecurrent. It is equipped with copper bar made of red copper for currenttransmission, and has long weldable circuit as well as a wide range of action.Generally, the transformer is mainly installed horizontally, and theinstallation mode of the transformer can also be changed based on actual needs.The horizontal type transformer can be manufactured in the form of intermediatefrequency or power frequency based on different working conditions.

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