Guide wheel welding gun

Because of its fixed opening and closing track, the opening of the guide wheel weldinggun is larger than that of the standard automatic welding gun, which can avoidinterference with workpieces and fixtures more effectively, and provide morestable action. The welding gun is compact in structure. When standard automaticwelding gun and robot welding gun can’t meet the welding conditions, the weldinggun with this structure can be considered. The movable arm of the welding gunis connected by a shunt. This connection structure does not affect theflexibility of opening and closing the movable arm, and the welding gun isdesigned with a static electrode automatic (stroke) compensation function,which can better ensure the quality of welding spots and reduce the maintenancecost.

The body of the welding gun is made of imported beryllium copper with goodconductivity, high hardness, fast heat dissipation, strong wear resistance andcorrosion resistance. All parts of the welding gun are wire cut and processedby CNC, ensuring high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, beautifulappearance and stable performance.

Non-processed parts are well-known foreign brands with good quality and longservice life.

This type of welding gun has been verified by breaking tests, where the mainparts are intact after welding of up to 1 million points. This product hasexcellent performance and mature structural design. After several years ofresearch, development and improvement, it has been unanimously recognized bycustomers.

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