Intermediate frequency DC fixed spot welder

By adopting advanced intermediate frequency inversiontechnology and equipping an intermediate frequency inverter resistance weldingcontroller, the intermediate frequency inverter fixed spot and projectionresistance welder is able to control individual welding procedures andprocesses accurately, adjust the current and power-on time over a wide range,and obtain multi-pulse specification. As the current flowing in the secondarywelding circuit is direct current, the influence of inductive reactance in thesecondary circuit due to different immersion depths in the welded workpiece onthe welding current is therefore greatly reduced. It has many advantages, suchas balanced three-phase load, high power factor, small size of intermediatefrequency resistance welding transformer, light weight of the whole machine,long arm, less welding spatter, heat concentration, and increased service lifeof electrode. It is widely used in the welding of carbon steel plate,high-strength steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, stainless steelplate as well as various projection welding nuts.

The medium frequency inverter fixed spot and projectionresistance welder has the same mechanical structure as the power frequency welder.In terms of its control, it adopts the more advanced intermediate frequencyinverter technology, and is provided with an intermediate frequency inverterresistance welding controller as well as an intermediate frequency transformer.After the three-phase power supply input is rectified, filtered and inverted,the modulated 1000Hz and 500V power supply is output to the intermediatefrequency transformer, to provide DC welding after the power supply isrectified by the transformer.

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