Power frequency AC fixed spot welder

DN series fixed spot welder is designed by our companyaccording to customers’ needs. This welder is characterized by excellentmechanical properties, stable operation and many other advantages. The body is impactresistant, shock resistant and highly rigid as a whole. Its structure canprovide both precise installation and significant load strength, as the body hasgone through fine machining. Both the aluminum alloy cylinder and high-qualitysolenoid valve in the welding part allow the welder to run faster and moresmoothly. The water-cooled resistance welding transformer and high-powerthyristor components are used in the main welding circuit to ensure the currentoutput. The control system uses a micro-processor controller with a simple andstraightforward operation interface, which allows it to adjust the weldingparameters quickly. The design of the whole set of equipment is in line withergonomics and easy to operate, and also enables easy adjustment, maintenanceand servicing.

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