Special spot welder for crash box

The specialspot welder for crash box is specially developed and designed for weldingspecific workpieces. The equipment consists of a control system, a welder, acontrol panel and a water vapor circuit control panel. The whole set ofequipment intends to be used for the crash box. After the workpieces areplaced, it can perform automatic welding for multiple spots. The operation issimple. Different welding parameters can be set according to the welding spotsat the overlapping positions of workpieces with different thicknesses. Thequality of each welding spot can meet the requirements of processes. Theequipment has clamping function for the body. The workpieces are stably andsecurely placed in the equipment. The welding spot position does not changeeasily. Thus the finished workpieces have high qualified rate.

The whole set of equipment can be changed according to different workingconditions before production as required.

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