Special welder for three-axis robot

Thisequipment uses PLC module preset program to control the X, Y and Z axes. It cancomplete the welding of any welding spot in the plane by itself. At the sametime, it can monitor the welding state and welding quality of each welding spotin real time and in all directions. It can discover the welding defects of awelding spot in time (such as cold soldering, false welding, missed welding,and large fluctuation of welding current, etc.

When problems are found, corresponding alarm prompts will be given through thehuman-computer interaction interface and the alarm device on the main controlcabinet. When a problem occurs, the system will enter in a shutdown and standbystate waiting for staff to handle. The system can follow the instructions ofthe staff (repair welding, skip and continue) to carry out the next action. Thealarm will be lifted after the problem is dealt with.

This equipment is designed for products with large parts, many planar weldingspots, narrow welding space or a large number of carbon dioxide gas shieldwelding, which has the following advantages:

1. Avoid the heavy physical work when using large throat deep welding gun formanual welding.

2. Avoid the deformation of the workpieces caused by the heat generated duringCO2 gas shield welding, thus affecting the subsequent assembly.

3. Greatly improve the accuracy of welding spots and the stability of weldingquality.

4. Greatly improve the production efficiency and save the production cost.

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