Double stroke C-type split welding gun

The open-closeway of the split type welding gun includes X-type and C-type.

The casting rawmaterials of gun arm are processed by the medium-frequency furnace, thusresulting in more evenly smelted raw materials, more compacted crystal ,controlled temperature of metal solutions and thermostat smelt. The movement ofthe solution is increased during casting, with good exhaust effect, whichincreases the strength and service life of the gun arms.

This equipment isdesigned based on ergonomics, with a pneumatic double-stroke structurecylinder. Moreover, the auxiliary stroke of welding gun can be achieved by thecontrol handle button, and the large or small opening switch of welding gun canbe operated easier and safer without the manual limiting devices.

Product features:

1. Simplestructure, modular design and low maintenance cost.

2. Easy operationand maintenance.

3. Applicable topower frequency and medium frequency welding current.

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