Medium frequency AC suspension spot welder

The DB3V seriessuspension spot welder is new welding equipment newly developed to meet theincreasing needs of welding quality from current welding process and technologyindustry.

Based onrelatively mature DN3 series suspension spot welders, our company developedthis product with significant improvement in the controller section. We haveincorporated various functional modules such as power driver, rectifier module,capacitor plate, IGBT, etc., to enable its relatively smooth and stable outputof adjustable medium frequency AC between 15.0-400.0Hz.

The gas and watercircuit board is equipped with the functions of auto-variance as per settingsand drainage of cooling water channel during electrode grinding. The functionssuch as counting and cluster control can be provided at the customer's request.

Medium frequencyAC models include: DB3V-200KVA.

Product Features

1. For the transformer, we adopt the optimal design scheme from Europeantechnology, and use the quality silicon steel sheets and new integral punchingtechnology;

2. We use the advanced new technology of integral vacuum epoxy resin pouring.The primary coil, secondary coil and silicon steel sheet are all poured withvacuum epoxy resin;

3. We use a tailored, thick-wall, rectangular, large sectional secondary coilwith the internal water cooling;

4. All the insulating materials selected have reached grade F;

5. The welding transformer is of single-phase shell type, with novel design andexcellent performance. The primary coil winding is a disc winding;

6. An integraed structure of welder and welding controller is used, with maincircuit emergency stop device;

7. With the dual gas channels, the welder can be equipped with two welding gunsto work alternately. The air pressure of each welding gun is adjustablerespectively. 2 welding specifications are provided for each pair of weldingguns. All pneumatic components have structures easy to disassemble andassemble, thus facilitating repair and replacement;

8. The electronic control gas valve is used for the welder, with DC24V solenoidvalve;

9. Three-phase AC input, power balance, high power factor;

10. The welding time is shortened, the stability of welding area is increasedand the electrode life is improved for the same welding workpiece.

11. Materials such as ultra-thin sheet, multilayer plank, galvanized sheet,high-strength steel and hot-formed steel are all weldable and have a goodwelding effect;

12. The output power frequency of the controller is adjustable from 15Hz~400Hz, which results in the less welding spatter, decreases in the loss of unitbase metal, and impr

13. Qsponse control of current improves the quality of welding spots;

14. Intelligent welding programming system can be programmed with up to 15 setsof welding specifications;

15. Three-stage heating process: preheating, welding and tempering. For thewelding stage, the increment and decrement stages can be customized;

16. It has the function of error self-inspection, with various abnormal casesimmediately displayed on the programmer LCD screen;

17. Built-in welding spots counting;

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