Split type manual welding controller

This series ofsuspension spot welders are water-cooled suspension spot welders independentlydeveloped by our company based on the European model, with the leadingtechnology across home and abroad.

This series ofwelding machines are of novel structure, high efficiency, secure and reliable,easy maintenance, and fit for various sheets welding. This series of suspensionspot welding machine are consisting of: controller, transformer, water gascircuit and other related parts. The internal controller electrical componentsused are all high-quality products from home and abroad. The transformer ismade with high quality imported silicon steel sheets, by integral punchingprocess and integral vacuum epoxy resin infusion process. Moreover, theinsulation class is greater than grade F. All the pneumatic components on thewater gas circuit are SMC imported products, with dual guns and dual gaschannels control. As a water intake filter and a water flow indicator arerespectively arranged in the cooling water intake and discharge channels, itcan thus effectively prevent the entry of impurities into the cooling waterchannels, resulting in the blockage and impact of cooling effect. In addition,the water flow indicator is used for the observation of cooling water flowcondition.

The functionssuch as counting and cluster control can be provided at the customer's request.The gas and water circuit board is equipped with the functions of auto-varianceas per settings and drainage of cooling water channel during electrodegrinding. This series of welding machines are of novel structure, highefficiency, secure and reliable, easy maintenance, and fit for various sheetswelding.

Product Features

1. For the transformer, we adopt the optimal design scheme from Europeantechnology, and use the quality silicon steel sheets and new integral punchingtechnology;

2. We use the new advanced technology of integral vacuum epoxy resin pouring.The primary coil, secondary coil and silicon steel sheet are all poured withvacuum epoxy resin;

3. We use a tailored, thick-wall, rectangular, large sectional secondary coil withinternal water cooling;

4. All the insulating materials selected have reached grade F;

5. The welding transformer is of single-phase shell type, with novel design andexcellent performance. The primary coil winding is a disc winding. Anintegrated structure of welder and welding controller is used, with maincircuit emergency stop device;

7. With the dual gas channels, the welder canbe equipped with two welding guns to work alternately. The air pressure of eachwelding gun is adjustable respectively. 2 welding specifications are providedfor each pair of welding guns. All pneumatic components have structures easy todisassemble and assemble, thus facilitating repair and replacement;

8. The electronic control gas valve is used for the welding machine, with DC24Vsolenoid valve;

9. The welding process is conducted by a microprocessor in closed-loop control,which ensures the constant welding current under the cases of allowablevariation range of grid voltage and welding load;

10. It has the functions of current step increase control and current linearincrease control, to compensate in steps or linearly the change of weldingcurrent density;

11. Three heat, multi-pulse welding control, especially suitable for plank,cladding plank welding;

12. Intelligent welding programming system;

13. It has the function of error self-inspection, with various abnormal casesimmediately displayed on the programmer LCD screen;

14. It has the function of power-off data storage, to keep the data for up toten years of power-off;

15. Built-in welding spots counting.

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