Power frequency transformer(DN2-40/63/80)

The power frequency transformer isindependently developed on the basis of introducing and digesting advancedsimilar products from Europe. The series of welding transformers are made ofhigh-quality silicon steel sheets and use integral stamping process. Theprimary coil, the secondary coil and the silicon steel sheets generally aremade by the advanced vacuum epoxy resin pouring process, which has theadvantages of strong insulation, high temperature resistance, low temperaturerise, light weight, small volume, fast heat dissipation, safety and durability,etc.

The design of this series of transformer fully considers its generality, andplans the standard series in terms of product structure, capacity size andproduct appearance. At present, the capacity specifications in use are 40KVA,63KVA and 80KVA, which can meet different welding conditions for customers tochoose from.

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