Electrode fittings

The electrode structure used in weldingequipment has modular design, with high degree of standardization. Standardparts are planned for different application fields, and can also be customizedaccording to customer requirements.

As a conductor component, our company comprehensively considers the strength,fatigue resistance and electrical conductivity of our products to ensure theapplicability and service life of the products from the aspects of designstructure and material selection.

Commonly used electrode materials include chromium zirconium copper, berylliumcopper, aluminum oxide copper, cast copper and red copper. Among them, chromiumzirconium copper is widely used in the manufacturing of electrode caps,electrode rods, electrode holders, electrode arms, and other electrode fittingswith superior electrical conductivity and comprehensive mechanical properties.It has high conductivity, good thermal conductivity, relatively high hardness,wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum oxide copper has higher softening temperature than chromium zirconiumcopper, without adhesion when it is welded with galvanized plate. It is usuallyprocessed into electrode head and electrode cap. It is suitable for weldinggalvanized sheet and thermoformed steel.

Beryllium copper has higher hardness than chromium zirconium copper and is usedfor electrode components with higher strength requirements.

Cast copper is generally used in electrode components with complex structuresbecause of its strong formability of electrode structures by its processingtechnology.

Red copper has extremely high conductivity, but due to its weak materialstrength, it is generally used in static conductive parts with little or no force.

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