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Modern factories rose from the ground. Automation production lines are in busy operation. Landing project constructions are speeding up. Walking into Huizhou economic development zone, you can feel the creative power of innovation and entrepreneurship everywhere.

Huizhou economic development zone was built in 2003.It was approved by the provincial government in Nov. 2008. The investment environment is the top ten (county) area, the circular economy demonstration area at the provincial level, provincial agricultural industrialization demonstration area and the city's "best benefit zone". And it is thefirst to achieve "billions park" in the city, approved by the provincial people's government on 20th Jul. 2018, raised as aprovincial economic development zone, renamed as Anhui Huangshan Huizhou Economic Development Zone. The overall planning area of the development zone is 12 square kilometers, and the built-up area is 6.16 square kilometers, including 251 industrial enterprises and 102 designed size enterprises (including yongxin stock co., LTD and axide hua jia co., LTD). In 2018, the tax revenue of industrial entities in the park reached CNY 419 million, an increase of 19.76 percent over the same period last year (including CNY 311 million of tax revenue from the designed size enterprises, an increase of 10 percent over the same period last year). In the first half of 2019, the tax revenue of industrial entities in the park reached CNY 255 million, an increase of 26.03 percent over the same period last year (including CNY 218 million of tax revenue from the designed size enterprises, an increase of 33.09 percent over the same period last year).

Leading industries. Development zone insists on the transformation of development and mass transfer efficiency, and gradually form three leading industries including new material, machinery and electronics, green food. Bythe end of 2018, three leading industries designed size enterprises including the new materials (fine chemicals), machinery and electronics and green food has grown to 82. Designed size enterprises gross value is CNY 9469 million,accounting for 88% of the park rules on the gross value of industrial output.The total tax revenue reached CNY 209 million, accounting for 79% of the tax revenue of industrial entities in the park.

Transformation and upgrading. Combined with industrial characteristics,we completed the "development plan for the leading industries in Huizhou economic development zones (2018-2025)", and supported enterprises in attracting talents and talents, expanding production capacity, technological upgrading, R&D and independent innovation, and promoted industrial upgrading and upgrading. We have implemented the policy of "replacing birds with cages" and "one enterprise with one strategy" to promote technical renovation and revitalization. At present, a total of 55low-efficiency enterprises have been dealt with, with an effective land area of0.97 square kilometers.
Industrial upgrading. Vigorously implement the "four new"technical reform project with new technology, new technology, new equipment and new material as the main content of the promotion and application,comprehensive commitment to enterprise technical innovation. We will encourage enterprises to step up for research and development in technological transformation and make breakthroughs in the direction of high technology and high added value. At present, the zone has 22 national high-tech enterprises, 9 provincial engineering and technology research centers, 3 doctoral workstations, and 1 academician workstation. In 2018, the output value of the high-tech industry reached CNY 7.61 billion, 24.14 percent growth year-on-year.The output value of strategic emerging industries reached CNY 4.79 billion,20.46 percent growth year-on-year.

Project construction. So far 13th Five-Year Plan has been carried, development zone started 85 new projects, achieved object of 92 production projects including source point industrial packaging, to Germany and POF heat shrinkable film, electric welding, rui billion new materials, new materials, excalibur hanbang resin, fine hua hui science and technology, newmaterials, jia million new materials, new materials, jin feng jia hengintelligent TGIC production, sne ink technical move to upgrade, rice cookers,GuJie phase ii, jindi electronics, jinchuan cable, SanXia precision instrumentsand north sail machinery projects, having been completed and put intoproduction.

Quality and efficiency improvement. We will carry out the provincial government's opinions on creating an excellent "four best" business environment, implement the expansion action of "four delivery and one service", implement the "Internet plus government service", and continue to promote the standardization of project examination and approval, as well as the simplification and optimization of projects. We will deepen the reform of the business system, launch the reform to separate business licenses from business licenses, vigorously reduce the number of items requiring post-registration examination and approval for industry and commerce, and strengthen follow-up oversight. Making investment and project construction service workflow, clear service units, to conform to the Huizhou area industrial development policy of investment project from the project,construction, production process involving the administrative licensing matters to implement one-stop service agents, further optimize the environment of China merchants investment, accelerate the efficiency of administrative examinationand approval of enterprises, improve administrative efficiency, create the first-class service brand. Huizhou district has been selected as "Chinese business environment"

No work makes jack a dull boy. Under the guidance of the new industrialization strategy, huizhou district is striving to build an industrial high land, strengthen the foundation of a strong district, focus on strengthening industry, developing the entity and expanding the market, and create a "Huizhou model" of industrial economy at a high level.

Uphold the "strong backbone" of urban development

Industryis strong. The city is strong. Industry is prosperous. The city is prosperous.Vigorously developing industry is an important support for achieving transformation, upgrading and leap-forward development. It is also a strong"backbone" for a city to face the future and achieve steady and long-term development.
Never relax. Huizhou district adheres to the road of being an industrial strong zone, attaches great importance to the cultivation of industrial enterprises, constantly introduces various supporting policies, continuously optimizes the business development environment, and promotes high-quality development of the real economy. At present, a total of 400 projects have been introduced into the park, among which 251 are industrial enterprises and 102 are listed above. The output value of the three leading industries of new materials, machinery and electronics and green food accounts for about 80%. As 18 major economic indicators included in the city's assessment in 2018, there is nine ranked first in terms of growth.

Huizhou district adhere to "seek improvement in stability, reform and innovation" as the core, in order to "quality, and the synergistic extraction, transformation and upgrading" as the main line, to actively implement the industrial economy, quality, and the synergistic actionin the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy aspects as actively,trying to take a high technological content, good economic benefits, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution, human resources give full play to a new road to industrialization. By the end of the 12th five-year plan period, the region's GDP had reached CNY 5.06 billion, up 4.5% year onyear. The total output value of the industries above the scale was CNY 12.38 billion and the tax revenue from storage was CNY 228 million, 2.1 times of that at the end of the 11th five-year plan period. The industrial added value reached CNY 2.906 billion, accounting for 23% of the city's industrial added value, 1.8 times that of 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 10.25%. Industrial added value accounted for 63% of regional GDP, 6 percentage points higher than that at the end of the 11th five-year plan period. 27 enterprises with an output value of more than CNY 100 million, 41 enterprises with a tax revenue of more than CNY 1 million, 6 enterprises with an output value of more than CNY 10 million, and 2 enterprises with an output value of more than CNY 20 million have reached the highest level in history. Under its drive, the region's industrial output continued to expand. Profits steadily increased. And the operation quality significantly improved.

In recent years, Huizhou district has vigorously implemented the high-tech enterprise cultivation plan to guide small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises to upgrade to private high-tech enterprises and high-tech enterprises. We will take technological transformation as the key to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, push them to make continuous changes in quality, efficiency and driving force, arrange 269 industrial (technological transformation) projects, build and put into operation 136 of them, and constantly improve the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of Huizhou manufacturing industry. Vigorously implementing the brand strategy, it has 8 Chinese well-known trademarks, 6 national key new products, 21 provincial famous trademarks and 21 provincial famous brand products. We should attach importance to the cultivation of enterprises' innovation ability, encourage enterprises to sign strategic cooperation agreements with universities, and gradually form an innovation system for enterprises, universities and research institutes. In 2019, the zone was selected as the region with obvious achievements in the development of private economy in the whole province in 2018

Into the 13th Five-year Plan later period, the Huizhou area gradually formed with constant (new) company, hua hui, excalibur new materials for leading enterprises of scienceand technology new material industrial cluster, in the machine tool, in thesouth of anhui benma group, RIJI welding and electronics industry cluster forbibcock, with XieYuDa tea as the leader of the green food industry cluster.Xinyuan technology has been recognized as a provincial standardized demonstration enterprise in the field of industry and information age field. Seikogravure, bamboo gallery carving by the provincial industrial design center.HMC1000 horizontal processing center of wannan machine tool and EBH120cantilever roadheader of anhua machinery were identified as the first major technical equipment of the province in 2018. Hua hui company won the provincial"green factory" title.

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